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What Will My Monthly Payment Be?

The amount of your monthly payments on a personal loan or a line of credit depend on three things:

#1 The amount of the loan or line of credit.
#2 The interest rate (determined by the lenders)
#3 The term of the loan or line of credit (how long it takes to pay it off)

The following is an example of what it might cost per month for various personal loan amounts. The interest rate that is being used in these examples is 14%. If the interest rate is lower, obviously, the payment would also be lower. If you are seeking a different amount than the ones listed, the approximate monthly payments can be figured out with a calculator. Example, If you seek $2,000.00, find out what the monthly payment for $1,000 would be on the chart below, and multiply by 2.

Monthly payment chart based on 14% interest rate:

Amount Term Monthly Payment
$1,000.00 3 years $34.18
$1,000.00 4 years $27.33
$1,000.00 5 years $23.27
$2,500.00 3 years $85.45
$2,500.00 4 years $68.32
$2,500.00 5 years $58.18
$10,000.00 3 years $341.80
$10,000.00 4 years $273.30
$10,000.00 5 years $232.70
$15,000.00 3 years $512.70
$15,000.00 4 years $409.95
$15,000.00 5 years $349.05
To get an exact figure, try our online calculator

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